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Webinars, Videos, Podcasts:

Podcast – The Science of Language Development via HiMama

Webinar – Nurturing Bilingual Infants and Toddlers at Early Childhood Investigations August 2016

Video – Karen Nemeth Presenting on Dual Language Learners at Opening Minds USA January 2014

Podcast interview with Rae Pica and Jennifer Chen June 2016: ‘Helping Dual-Language Learners Succeed Academically”

Podcast ‘Want to Quickly Connect with English Language Learners? Try This” on Studentcentricity with Rae Pica, Mary Renck Jalongo,  and John Spencer

Webinar – Family Engagement Strategies for all Languages and Cultures at Early Childhood Investigations March 2015

Webinar – Authentic Conversation: The Key to First and Second Language/Literacy Development in the Early Years at Imagine Learning October 2015

Webinar – Becoming Bilingual: Resources and Strategies to Help Staff and Children in Your program Develop the Bilingual Advantage with Kathleen Hayes at Early Childhood Investigations February 2014

Webinar – Communicating with Families in Head Start – 21st Century Techniques to Enhance Family Involvement and Relationships at Early Childhood Investigations March 2014

Podcast – How Can We Better Support ELLs? with Judie Haynes and Larry Ferlazzo on Bam Radio 2014

Webinar – Support Diversity in Your ECE Program with a Treasure Trove of Free Resources: Libraries and Librarians with Lisa Guernsey and Cen Campbell at Early Childhood Investigations January 2013

Webinar – Digital and D.A.P. : What ECE Administrators and Trainers Need to Know to Help Teachers Use Technology with Fran Simon at Early Childhood Investigations December 2012

Webinar – Building Bridges to Support ELLs/DLLs into Early Childhood Programs: Connecting PreK and Elementary Strategies with Elsa Cardenas at Hatch November 2012


Karen Nemeth, Ed. M.

is the author of many print books, eBooks, articles and papers.

NAEYC, January 2010

This timely guide is designed to aid preschool teachers and administrators in supporting children’s home language while helping them learn English. … This invaluable teaching resource makes a critical contribution to our understanding of this topic and the ability to teach dual language learners.

Texas Child Care Quarterly, Spring 2010

Bringing years of experience and expertise to the project, Nemeth has offered an important tool for opening the door to literacy and learning for English—and home—language learners.