Work at Home with an Infant or Toddler


Working from home is not always easy, especially if you have an infant or toddler with you. This pair of free infographics offers helpful tips to help anyone balance the demands of working at home with the responsibilities of caring for an infant or toddler. For more conversations on this topic, follow #theyreonlybabiesonce on Twitter!


Download this pair of free infographics with helpful hints for working at home while caring for an infant or toddler.

The first one is called: Work at Home with an Infant or Toddler. It offers practical strategies based on the experiences of many work-at-home parents and grandparents. The second infographic is called Insider Secrets to Work at Home with an Infant or Toddler. It provides the secrets to fun, developmentally appropriate play activities with an infant and toddler that can be used while keeping up with at-home work. As a set, it is a great source of support for families. One or both infographics can also be used to support employees who need to work from home. Try using the infographics as a tools for training or professional development or include them in a newsletter. Find more ideas for working at home with babies around and share your own experiences by following #theyreonlybabiesonce on Twitter!


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