Multilingual Alphabet Card by Love your Lingo



A helpful mini-poster with a unique educational purpose! The image for each letter of the English alphabet starts with the same sound in all six languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Dutch. The color-coded words in each language are printed on the back for easy reference. B is for bathtub, baignoire, bañera, banheira, badewanne, bad. No more confusing signs with an A for Apple but French speakers say “pomme” and Spanish speakers say “manzana”. If you need any of these languages for your group or if you enjoy helping English speakers learn words in other languages, this card is a great resource for the classroom, library, or home. Printed on glossy postcard stock. 8.5 inches X 6 inches, it makes a handy reference guide and inspiration for many multilingual projects.


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