Language Castle Cognate Guide


Cognates are words that sound alike and mean the same thing in two languages. This guide provides 13 specialized, printable lists of Spanish/English cognates for PreK and Kindergarten along with helpful tips on how to use them in your program.


The Language Castle Cognate Guide: How to Use Spanish/English Cognates to Support Dual Language Learning in Preschool and Kindergarten is a 27 page book with how-to instructions, examples, and 13 special topic lists of useful, matching words (like elephant/elefante). Cognates are great language learning tools for young children, but most publications list too many words that would only be used in older grades. We have pared down the list to fit the needs of preschool and kindergarten learners. Now you can find a list of cognates to support math learning, or the block area, and many other specialized lists to make your job easier. We provided everything you need to help English speakers learn Spanish and to help Spanish speakers learn English in the early years – and we’ve taken out anything you don’t need. You can print out the words to make signs, labels, stories, and games. You will see your young language learners progress in no time – and you’ll learn new words too!


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