Cultural/Linguistic Responsiveness is NOT Enough for DLLs

LanguageCastle_infographic_CLR_2016 copy

Cultural and linguistic responsiveness is NOT enough to address the early learning needs of young children who are dual language learners. This infographic tells the story about what should be included in plans for preschool DLLs. Feel free to use it as a planning tool or an advocacy tool.


  • This sounds wonderful! Many people like me came to this country with the hopes and dreams. Just like it’s mentioned, our brains work different and are in a constant workout, in my classroom I want to be that little break where they can rest their brain and speak the language of home, in my case Spanish.

  • Susan Aluma says:

    I think it’s important for bilingual children to hear their home language throughout the day. I like the 50/50 dual immersion model. I am bilingual and would love to teach a 50/50 class.

  • Veronica McKinney Collins says:

    Excellent points! We are lucky enough to have access to resources in other languages and cultures. We also receive training in cultural awareness and responsiveness but are we actually using what we learn in an effective way in the classroom when it comes to our DLL students?

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