Fast 5 Gamechangers that Make Early Ed. Professional Development Stick

The big question about expensive professional development for early childhood educators is: Will it stick? Will the time and expense result in lasting, meaningful change? Five quick questions can make all the difference. Don’t pay anyone to provide professional development for your early childhood education program without getting answers to these  Fast 5 Questions. The really great professional development providers will thank you for asking!

Happy Kids


1. Are you familiar with our curriculum and how will you integrate your professional development content with the curriculum we are using?

2. How will you help us learn to use your information/content/strategies effectively with children who speak different languages (DLLs)?

3. How will you help us develop a plan to follow up and sustain the learning we gain from working with you?

4. How will you provide professional development that informs not only our teachers, but the paraprofessionals that work with them and the administrators who supervise and support them?

5. What is your plan to go beyond simply presenting information to assessing and ensuring that professional learning has occurred?


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