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One Book, Every Young Child Professional Development Event

Philadelphia Public Library
9:00 To 1:00
April 18, 2017

Literacy Activities for DLLs


Doing our Best for Every Child: Responding to Different Languages and Cultures

Atlantic City, NJ
9:00 To 4:00
April 7, 2017

Keynote address at NJ Coalition for Infant/Toddler Educators


NJTESOL/NJBE President’s Leadership Award

New Brunswick, NJ
9:00 To 14:00
May 31, 2017

President’s Award plus presentations on teaching young DLLs


A workshop on social media innovations for early childhood leaders at Council for Professional Recognition Early Educators Leadership Conference

Leesburg, VA
October 14, 2016

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Language Castle’s Fast 5 Gamechangers

Fast 5 Gamechangers Empower DLLs With Conversations!

Perhaps the best kind of teacher talk might be less teacher talk! All through college and professional development experiences, teachers learn what to say to children. But, one of the greatest gifts you can give to young learners, especially DLLs, is to step back and let the children do the talking. Research continues to show ...

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Fast 5 Gamechangers: Yes, You CAN Support Any Home Language!

  How many languages are spoken in your early childhood program? Most have 3 or more! New U.S. DOE and Head Start policies highlight the importance of supporting home languages and that can leave teachers feeling overwhelmed.  How can you support so many different languages? We know you want to do what’s best for each ...

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Fast 5 Gamechangers to Support Math Learning for Young DLLs

by Karen Nemeth There’s nothing boring about math but some math activities CAN be boring or hard to understand. This is especially true for children who are dual language learners. They really need math activities that are embedded in meaningful contexts that interest them to help them understand. Using empty plastic, paper or worksheet items ...

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Fast 5 Gamechangers for Using Bilingual Alphabets

We want all preschool children to start learning the alphabet. That’s not always easy when they come to preschool with different language backgrounds. It can be confusing for a Spanish speaker to see a picture of “una manzana” (Spanish word for apple) next to the letter A while the other kids are saying “aaah”.  This multilingual ...

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Fast 5 Gamechangers Help Diverse Young Children Respect Each Other

  Early childhood educators have the power to start early and start strong by helping all children learn to respect themselves and others. When children and teachers speak different languages, they need special strategies to build that life-changing sense of community. Pronounce each child’s name as closely as possible. Model for your DLLs and for ...

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Fast 5 Gamechangers – Revolutionize Classroom Labels for DLLs!

  Preschools have labels because they value ‘environmental print’. But… if no one reads the labels or talks about them, do they really help teach language and literacy?

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Fast 5 Gamechangers for Cultural Connections in Early Childhood Education

  We all know the importance of connecting with young children by understanding who they are and what’s important to them. Real cultural connections for DLLs go way beyond plastic food, flags, or posters about holidays. Here are some ways to make intentional, authentic, personal connections that help dual language learners:

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Fast 5 Gamechangers- Preschool Science Learning for DLLs

Science is a great subject for early learning because it is hands-on and includes language, literacy, math, and other learning domains. But, how can teachers make science learning meaningful for children who don’t speak the same language?

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