Must-Have Multicultural Items to Place on Your Order List

10. Books in all the languages you expect to encounter – at least 10 books per language. •

9. Digital camera and supplies for making books/games/magnets/posters that connect with real world experience and can be translated into any language.

8. Authentic music from the cultures of your families – not just the same languages.

7. Sign language books/posters (not sign alphabets) to help adults and children reach across language barriers.

6. Puppets/props to bring stories to life for children who are learning your language.

5. Labels or rings with index cards to post key words around the room with translations and pronunciation hints to help teachers support home languages.

4. Authentic looking dress-ups from different cultures, but not fake looking costumey things.

3. Multi-ethnic dolls, foods, utensils and supplies for the dramatic play area.

2. Mini digital voice recorder to capture what your DLLs are saying so you can get translation help later and add to their portfolio.

1. Collections of recognizable, realistic items that build on prior knowledge to be used for manipulatives, science, math.

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