Ideas for Sending DLLs Off for Holiday Break

10. Amidst all the holiday hubbub, don’t forget to prepare children that the holidays mean time off from school – but it’s only temporary.

9. Work with the children to practice reading and writing a few greeting words in each of their languages.  Use those words to write a little note to each child in his or her home language to mail to their home over the break. Include your photo.

8. Send a bag of books home for each family to read together – one book for each day of the vacation.

7. If you know families are visiting other countries over the break, ask them to bring back authentic materials in other languages for the classroom such as children’s books, games, magazines, catalogs, brochures, or music.

6. Promise each child that you will call to say hello during the break – and then keep your promise.  Learn to say, “I’ll see you soon” in their home language and leave a quick message to assure them that their routine will be back to normal soon.

5. Make a vacation sticker card for each child and send home with a sticker for each day of vacation – when the sticker spots are full, it will be time to come back to school.

4. Create a classroom story about how everyone will be away from school for a few days, but soon you will all be back together again – translate in needed languages to make sure all the children understand.

3. Record the children singing a few of the class favorite songs and make copies for each child to take home and so they can have a little connection with their friends while out on break.

2. Create a little photo book and make copies for all the children to take home.  Include pictures of everyone in the class, along with fun activities and shots of the classroom so children can talk to their family members about what has been happening in school so far this year.

1. Make a voicemail recording that says “This is Miss Karen.  I’m on vacation now, but I’ll see you soon” in different languages so parents can help their child call the school whenever they miss their teachers and friends and hear a reassuring message.

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