Karen Nemeth, Ed.M

Your One Stop Resource for Teaching DLLs!

Language Castle LLC is a one stop resource for anyone who teaches young children who speak different languages! Language Castle was founded by Karen Nemeth, Ed.M. who is an Author, Presenter and Consultant that has worked for years with teachers, families and children who work and live in multilingual environments.

Karen’s Kid Connections

Karen’s Kid Connections is a great boutique that offers a wide variety of gift and incentive items with messages that celebrate the value of diverse language.

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Print Resources for Teachers

Make your work with young dual language learners and their families easier! Helpful Language Castle documents like letters for parents in English and Spanish are also available.

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Upcoming Events

June 29 – July 2
National Association for Elementary School Principals Conference Long Beach, CA
“Planning for Diverse Languages in Successful PreK – 3 Alignment”

July 18-20, 2015
International Literacy Association Conference, St. Louis, MO
“Administrative Answers: Supervising and Supporting Effective Literacy Programs for English Learners”
“Engaging Families as Partners: Using Print/Digital Resources to Build First/Second Language Literacy”

July 27 – August 1, 2015
World Organization for Early Childhood Education, Washington, DC
“Building Peace Right from the Beginning: We CAN Teach Young Children to Communicate with Peers who Speak Different Languages”, “Leading with Language and Cultural Assets: Preparing and Supporting a Diverse Early Childhood Education Workforce”